Privacy Policy

Drake Strategies is GDPR Compliant

The GDPR + all that fun stuff...

Here at Drake Strategies, we respect your privacy. Period. We will never sell your data and we won't spam you or market to you. We believe in the quality of our work and if you do too, awesome. Beyond that? We give you the option to contact us on our "Hire Us" page or the option to sign up for our monthly branding best practice email via our "Hello Bar."

Either way. We hate it when people steal our data and send us things we never signed up for, so we won't do that to you. And if you did ask for us to contact you or subscribe to our emails and then change your mind? Well, you can always opt out. 

Oh, we also have dual authentication so that your info is safe and sound with us. (We don't know about Russian Hackers, but we keep it as secure as we know how.)

And just in case, someone told us we should make the below really clear and obvious. So have fun reading if you chose to do so.

Who is your data controller? Stefani, our Founder is. You can email her at

What is the purpose behind data collection? We only gather data if you chose to opt in. Which means, the purpose is to have a conversation with others who like our philosophy on branding and strategy.

How is your data processed? It's not really processed. We geek out on analytics from time to time so that we better understand who are message resonates with, but we don't pay for advertisements or marketing, so you'll never feel pitched to or spammed.

What data is being collected? Email addresses, names and phone numbers. We also sync our website to Google Analytics and that is purely for the purpose of testing our message and seeing whether or not it's successful.

Who is collecting it? We are.

How are you collecting it? If you sign up for our newsletter or fill out our contact form.

How are you using it? Either to send you an email, as you requested, or to view our analytics. (Note: our analytics don't tell us your name, address, email or any of that fun stuff. It's all demographic trends and what content is or isn't working.)

Do you plan to share it? No, that would be rude.

How long will you store it? As long as you want to keep hearing from us. We don't store our analytics beyond Google's timetable and our email database is kept up-to-date so you can opt-out at any time.

What control do I have over it? All of the control. You can unsubscribe at any time if you signed up for our newsletter and you can also tell us you made a mistake and don't want us to contact you. 

Is this likely to affect me negatively? Nope. In fact we hope you find our monthly best practices rewarding, useful and applicable to the great work you are doing.

Will this cause objections or complaints? We hope not. We haven't had a complaint on our newsletters yet. 

The end.