Why Partnerships Matter

They say the best way to secure business is through relationships. That's probably why there are so many networking events and endless fundraising campaigns on social media. I have to agree, relationships add an element of trust that you can't find in paid marketing efforts. The rise of Instagram influencers and celebrities, which we feel as though we know, also adds an interesting element to the mix.

Here at Drake Strategies, we are fortunate to partner with the Commonwealth Cares Foundation for their annual Needtobreathe Classic. Each year, they host a golf tournament and concert to raise money for OneWorld Health. Their partnership with Needtobreathe has made a large impact beyond their immediate relationships. Why? Needtobreathe has a national celebrity that carries gravitas and exposes their fan base to the impact being made by partnering with Commonwealth Cares and OneWorld Health. 

Let's explore this case study further. 

1. Partnerships Expand Your Circle of Influence

Let's face it. We only have the time and bandwidth to get to know a fixed amount of people. No matter how great we are at fostering deep conversations, connecting on social media and following up via email, you can only learn to trust a handful of people at any given moment. So if we go in on a project alone, we're going to burn out and our impact will be limited.

Thus the value of partnerships. Collaborating with others not only exposes you to a new audience you wouldn't have previously met, it strengthens your impact and your idea. Feedback is always a good thing and when you team up, you will go further, faster.

2. Partnerships Inspire Others

The rise of technology can cause us to be more isolated. We use our phones as crutches and tend to tune out to the world around us and focus on our little island. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with that, but the human connection runs deep and at some point, we all need one another.

Enter partnerships. When we come together to do something greater than ourselves it grounds us, reminds us of our need for conversation and inspires everyone else watching online.

3. Together we will Change the World

In all seriousness, we only know what we know, but when we partner with others we are able to do tremendously more good in the world. Take Commonwealth Cares. A foundation that wanted to do more, so they partnered with a rock band that had the same goal. Their partnership is now a huge fundraising event for a global health nonprofit that has pioneered a sustainable healthcare model in East Africa and Central America. Pretty cool, right?

So let's use our collective voices to champion others. To create inspired action. To deepen our impact and empower each other. It's really that simple. 

Stefani Zimmerman Drake Strategies

Stefani is a strategy consultant + speaker with over a decade of experience working in the US government, international NGO space and with nonprofits. Currently on the UNDP's Roster of Communication Experts in Subsaharan Africa + certified in Google Analytics, Stefani is an analytical thinker and thoughtful storyteller who works with nonprofits + humanitarians to define who they are, elevate their influence and broaden their impact through strategic communications, branding + advocacy. Stefani lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, twin girls and rescue dog.