Reflections from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Stefani Drake at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Walking into a group of seasoned speakers can be intimidating to say the least. But the organizers of the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference have cultivated something special - a conference where collaboration comes first.

This past October was my first time attending and presenting at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. From the very first moment - it was different, and that energy carried through the entire conference. During our speaker orientation it was made clear that we were family, and our goal was to be a resource for everyone who traveled to be there.

Next, we were encouraged to sign up for coaching blocks, where we could work one-on-one with conference participants and walk them through specific questions and challenges they may be facing at their organization.

If that wasn’t enough, I have NEVER seen a conference app so widely used. Nearly every type of nonprofit was in attendance and there were dozens of threads occurring during the conference so that people could get together, break bread, and share stories. It was incredible.

So why is this my reflection blog and not a list of best practices? Because if you’re a nonprofit professional I want to encourage you to attend next year’s conference. The premise of the conference is to empower nonprofits to tell their story in a more impactful way so that you can better reach your donors and new audiences.

Whether you came my session where you learned about the connection between data and storytelling, or others where you learned about grant writing, major gifts, #GivingTuesday, and more, the focus is about impact, empowerment, and results.