The Importance of Advocacy

Drake Strategies Advocacy Services

Wilma Rudolph once said, “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion. The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” These words ring true to us at Drake Strategies. After all, as a small business we get to do the behind the scenes work to empower our clients and watch them grow into their mission and vision. Our small team has become cheerleaders, rooting for those who dare to dream and change the world.

When we were recently asked to organize an advocacy day on Capitol Hill, we jumped at the chance. Why? Because there is no where more fitting to affect change than Washington, DC. One quick phone call wondering if such an event could be possible turned into nearly 10,000 Karen refugees gathering on the West Side of the US Capitol Building with less than a month’s notice. This is change. These are the difference makers. 

Our inspiration are the men, women, children and families who dropped everything to unite behind a cause of justice and freedom. One simple request for the safety and security of their family back home was all they had. And their unity and numbers spoke volumes that day.

It is because of these extraordinary men and women, who will not make the history books or the ticker tape on cable news, that change happens. As a team of storytellers we were moved by their passion, their cause and their ability to champion what they believe at the highest levels of government.

Today, we continue our work. We continue the stories. But we recognize the importance of advocacy. Stories need to be told in all formats, in all mediums and by all who are impacted. That is why we believe our clients should have the option of telling their stories to the influencers, decision makers and policy crafters. Our belief in amplifying the voice of our clients takes root in what can be done when the right stories are connected with the right individuals. 

As we expand into this service, we see the limitless possibilities of everyday people being afforded an opportunity to give a voice to the issues they care about. Whether you are a nonprofit, small business or mother who wants to impact change, know that you can. Know that you will. Your story is important, and it weaves into the stories of those around you, which weave into the stories of communities, countries and the world.

Stefani Zimmerman Drake Drake strategies

Stefani Drake is the Lead Strategist + Founder of Drake Strategies. Stefani has over a decade of experience working in the US government, international NGO space and with domestic + international nonprofits. Currently on the UNDP's Roster of Communication Experts in Subsaharan Africa, Stefani is an analytical thinker and thoughtful storyteller who works with nonprofits to define who they are, elevate their influence and broaden their impact through strategic communications. Stefani lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, twin girls and rescue dog.