5 Strategies for Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. It’s that one day of the year when your Facebook friends, local news media and grandmother encourage you to give to a nonprofit. It has also become tricky to navigate as EVERYONE posts on Giving Tuesday, making it harder for your organization to get noticed. 

What exactly can you do to raise money on Giving Tuesday? Let’s make a plan together.

1. Reinforce Your Year End Appeal

Your development team usually has a year end appeal ready to go between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Why? Because this is the time of the year when most people give. People tend to be generous around the holidays and also want to ensure that they maximize their contributions before the end of the tax year. 

It should be noted, that it generally takes a person hearing the same message seven times before they take action. This makes Giving Tuesday the perfect vehicle for reinforcing your nonprofit’s year end appeal. Staying on message is always the right decision and will only help increase your giving at the end of the year.

2. Launch a New Campaign

Are you introducing a new advocacy campaign? Have a great video you want to feature? Then Giving Tuesday is the perfect platform to launch this. Your supporters are looking to repost and be part of Giving Tuesday, so give them something new to be excited about and promote.

But don’t just launch it and forget it. While Giving Tuesday is a natural way of making an announcement, it can still get lost in the noise of the day. Follow up your launch with a long-term strategy for success.

3. Reintroduce Yourself

Often times local media will highlight various nonprofits throughout the community on Giving Tuesday. This means you may have people checking your website and social media channels that don’t know you. Tell them about yourself. Share your story and have them engage in your values and mission.

Keep it simple and relatable. If you can convert new visitors to donors, then you are well on your way to establishing a relationship with them for the long-term.

4. Keep Expectations in Check

Don’t make Giving Tuesday the only time of the year that you ask for a donation. Generally speaking, it’s a day to raise awareness, not meet all your fundraising goals for the year. 

Incorporate Giving Tuesday into your annual plan but don’t make it the only time you communicate with your email list or Instagram followers. 

5. Have Fun

Now that you have a plan, have fun with it. Giving Tuesday is about people coming together to celebrate the difference makers. Engage with your audience, have a contest and give shout outs to people who mention your organization.

The more you engage with your supporters, the more likely they are to believe in your vision and share your story.

Stefani Zimmerman Drake

Stefani Drake is the Lead Strategist + Founder of Drake Strategies. Stefani has over a decade of experience working in the US government, international NGO space and with domestic + international nonprofits. Currently on the UNDP's Roster of Communication Experts in Subsaharan Africa, Stefani is an analytical thinker and thoughtful storyteller who works with nonprofits to define who they are, elevate their influence and broaden their impact through strategic communications. Stefani lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, twin girls and rescue dog.